Expression spaces

AIR-SOM Centre Prisme invites you to take your place in these spaces of expression, because it is up to us to discover the richness of immigration and to highlight the contribution of the different ethnic groups and communities established in Lasalle.

Recreotouristic route

We invite you to discover the history of LaSalle, while taking part in a recreational tourism route theatrically animated by historical figures.

Weeks of culture

We offer you the discovery of the peoples, countries and continents that color the Center and make you discover their cultures, their gastronomies and their traditions.

Festival d’expressions artistiques

EXPRESSIONS ARTISTIQUES D’ICI ET D’AILLEURS  is an exercise in intercultural rapprochement in the southwest of the island of Montreal.


It offers the discovery of immigration from the perspective of its best assets:

These artistic and cultural expressions.


Prismez-vous / Diversity space

A window on diversity in LaSalle: art gallery, meeting room, discovery kitchen space and small workshops.