AIR-SOM Centre Prisme is committed to providing quality service to all its members and users:


  • Pay close attention to the comments of its members and users regarding the provisioning of services;
  • Guarantee to its members and users a confidential and expeditious procedure to handle complaints;
  • Answer to the complainant within a maximum of 20 working days after the date of filing the complaint.


The person responsible for the complaints is Ms. Marijana Mitic. If not available, reach out to Ms. Maribel Palacios.



  • Complaint is submitted, stating its nature and documentation (when is available);
  • Analyze the merits and proceed to notify the related authorities. If this is the case, offer a mediation and clarification service to the disputing parties;
  • If the complaint merits a sanction, guide the application of corrective measures, according to the administrative policies of the organization or the laws of the Province of Quebec;
  • Referral to a specific instance for any complainant whose complaint is outside the competence of AIR-SOM Centre Prisme.


Inform the complainant of the arrangements made within 20 working days of the filing of the complaint.