Immersion experiences

A team of advisers will offer you a series of immersion experiences to give you the opportunity to start expressing yourself in your new language, these experiences are:


Reading to children:

In collaboration with the teacher’s group, the coordinator of the francization service and the organization’s socio-family worker, we organize reading sessions for the children who attend the organization’s community daycare service, a beautiful experience to remember to redo at home with your own children and a good opportunity to lose the embarrassment and have fun with the children.


Conversation workshops:

Once a week, you can join a small group to have some conversation in French. These meetings are led by a qualified speaker who will suggest topics to discuss in a relaxed environment. You can express yourself, put into practice the knowledge acquired in French and ask questions if you have any.


Creative writing workshops:

If you are interested in improving your written communication, you can choose to take part in the creative writing workshops which are also organized once a week and led by a qualified speaker.