The childcare service offered to families allows them to have time to begin their French education, complete their settlement procedures, support their children, do their shopping and move forward with their integration goals.





Community daycare offers an educational routine with a weekly theme and a series of five programs to stimulate the overall development of children.


Kids club

The children’s club programs have been designed to help your children socialize more easily, communicate in French and enter kindergarten more easily, express their creativity and flourish in a stimulating environment.

  • Brindami socialization workshops
  • DIY-creativity workshops
  • Educational outings for children
  • Parent-child outings
  • Theme party program


Parenting skills

The team of educators offers you a series of meetings to learn about services, activities and how to educate your children in the context of immigration. We call it PARENTS’ SCHOOL. The educators will inform you of the scheduling of these meetings.

Early childhood